In order to be successful on Facebook, you have to dig below the surface and familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the platform and analytics. What began as a way for college students to connect has grown into one of the world's largest social networks. In turn, it has become one the best marketing resources too.

Facebook Has More Than 2 Billion Daily Active Users

  • Although many social media marketers assume this number will plateau, it is probably safe to say that Facebook will continue to grow until they run out of new users to sign up.
  • To put these numbers in context, here are the number of monthly active users on other top social media platforms:
  • Youtube has 1.5 billion monthly active, WeChat has 889 million, Instagram has 700 million, Twitter has 328 million, and Snapchat has 255 million

83% of Women & 75% of Men Use Facebook

  • Overall, Facebook's gender demographics are pretty evenly split with women slightly more active than men.

People aged 18-29 are the most prevalent age group on Facebook.

  • 88% of 18- to 29-year olds use Facebook
  • 72% of those ages 50-64 use Snapchat
  • Less than 10% of 50+ use other social media apps like Instagram
  • Facebook is the best option for reaching older users

82% of Facebook Users Have Attended at Least Some College

  • Facebook initially started as “Coursematch” - it was developed to allow people to create profiles listing out which classes they were taking.

85% of Facebook’s Daily Active Users Come from Outside the US/Canada

  • India, Brazil and Indonesia have the largest Facebook audiences after the US.

More Than 70 Facebook Translations Are Available

  • Facebook has more than 70 languages available thanks to a framework that lets community members translate text on the platform.
  • Use analytics to help you understand the demographics of your audience, and keep an eye out for where large fan bases live

40% of Facebook Users Have Never Liked a Facebook Page

  • Facebook Pages are a useful tool for your business.

People Spend an Average of 35 Minutes on Facebook Each Day

  • With less time spent on Facebook, you have to learn to make the most of every opportunity to get in front of your audience.
  • Think carefully about what you post and have a purpose for all the content you share.

People Access Facebook an Average 8 Times Per Day

  • One way to maximize your exposure is to schedule your Facebook posts to publish throughout the day, at times when your audience is most likely to be engaged.
  • You can use our ViralPost feature to automatically schedule your post to publish at the times your followers are most active.

400 New Users Sign up for Facebook Every Minute

  • Every 60 seconds on Facebook, there are 317,000 status updates, 400 new users, 147,000 photos uploaded, and 54,000 shared links.

Everyone on Facebook Is No More Than 3.5 Degrees Separated

  • This is far less than the proposed six degrees of separation originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy.
  • Instead of trying to get in front of every single user yourself, let your audience do some of the work by asking people to share your posts or like your content.

Facebook’s Messenger Has Over 1.2 Billion Monthly Active Users

  • Branding uses Facebook Messenger
  • Create chatbots to facilitate customer care efforts
  • The numbers show consumers are all-in on Facebook Messenger, so you should be too
  • Facebook has 74 billion mobile monthly active users, 55 billion mobile-only monthly inactive users, and 15 billion mobile daily active users.

19% of Time Spent on Mobile Devices Is on Facebook

  • Create a seamless mobile experience across all your web properties whether it's Facebook, Messenger, your website or anywhere else online
  • Most of your social media traffic will be from a mobile device, so prepare accordingly

44% of SMB Marketers Plan to Spend Money Promoting Facebook Video Content in 2017

  • If your brand isn't invested in video on Facebook, there's a good chance your competitors are

Facebook Gets Over 8 Billion Average Daily Video Views

  • You are doing your brand a disservice by ignoring video on the platform.

85% of Facebook Users Watch Videos With the Sound Off

  • Take a little time to add captions
  • 80% of users are annoyed when videos auto-play sound, and it gives them a negative impression of your brand
  • Make sure your videos don't need sound in order to be understood

People Are 5 Times More Likely to Watch Facebook Videos on a Phone

  • People are five times more likely to watch video daily on a smartphone than on desktop.

20% of Facebook Videos are Live Streams

  • The live element of the videos is what is most appealing to viewers.
  • After the broadcast is finished, the recorded video still lives on the page as a “live stream.”
  • Live videos are watched three times longer than replays.

Facebook Advertising Stats

  • Marketers spend billions annually to reach their target audience with Facebook Ads

93% of Marketers Use Facebook Advertising Regularly

  • Getting it right can result in some of the best ROI in all forms of advertising.

47% of the Value of Facebook Video Ads Happens in the First 3 Seconds

  • Nearly half of the value from your ads is attained in the first three seconds of the video.

93% of Social Media Advertisers Use Facebook Ads

  • Facebook is by far the most popular social media advertising channel.

20% of Facebook’s Mobile Ad Revenue Is From Instagram

  • Instagram is contributing quite a bit to Facebook's overall advertising numbers, making up 20%

The Average CPC for Facebook Ads Is $1.72

  • If your average CPC is much higher than the industry average, it could be a sign you need to make some tweaks to your campaigns.
  • On the low end, you are probably on the right path.

Organic Reach for Branded Facebook Pages Is 2% on Average

  • Use Sprout Social’s Facebook Analytics tools to get an idea of how much reach your posts receive
  • Once you know where you stand, you can take steps to improve it
  • Tips to boost your reach and engagement

Brands Post an Average of 8 Times on Facebook per Day

  • If you’re not getting the reach or engagement you would like, consider increasing your posting frequency a bit.

The Best Time to Post on Facebook Is Weekday Afternoons

  • Use our Facebook reporting suite to identify your most engaged posts and the time they were published
  • Then you can start to schedule more of your content to be shared around those times
  • While this data gives you a great starting point, you ultimately need to rely on your brand's own analytics

20 Powerful Facebook Stats Your Brand Can’t Ignore in 2017

  • Knowing how to use a platform is just as important as actually making use of it
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