What constitutes a successful life? Ultimately, the value in your life does not come from earning money. Value arises from the opportunity to grow and learn, recognition for your achievements, and building a happy life outside of work. Achieve this by accomplishing the 6 pillars below.

“Create a strategy for your life”

  • When companies decide to rely on tangible, quick gains, they often fail to allocate resources for better, long-term investments.
  • Focusing on the short-term and day-to-day tasks will not yield long-term success and happiness.
  • e.g., preoccupation with work can lead to an underinvestment in family.
  • In the long term, this will likely yield estrangement.

“Allocate Your Resources”

  • Like companies, there is a limited amount of time and resources in your life.
  • Individuals allocate a lot of their resources to work because their achievements at work are tangible - a good meeting or sale, obtaining a client.
  • Similar metrics are less clear for families
  • Children misbehave, spouses argue.
  • Allocating too much of your time and resources to work will cause you to miss the long-term rewards and felicity of a strong familial bond.

“Create a Culture”

  • Creating a culture at a company requires significant time and effort by management to ensure buy-in by employees.
  • The effects of good company culture are immense, yielding greater productivity and better output.
  • If you want your family to be cohesive and your children to have high self-esteem, you have to build these values from the get-go and over years.

“Avoid the ‘Marginal Costs’ mistakes”

  • There will be times and extenuating circumstances that you will be tempted to betray the values around which you have structured your life.
  • Betraying these values even a single time will likely turn into repeated actions.
  • The more you do something that you know is wrong, the less wrong it feels and the more you do it.

“Remember the Importance of Humility”

  • An overinflated sense of self worth and a failure to listen to the advice that individuals you perceive to be less smart than you restrict your learning opportunities.
  • By having respect for everyone including yourself, you avoid the follies of arrogance and pride.

“Choose the Right Yardstick”

  • Accumulating money should not be your only goal in life.
  • Everyone has to figure out how to measure success in their own life.
  • Once this yardstick is identified, try to live by it every day, so that when you die your life is a success by that metric.
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